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Contact us now for more information! Our prices are competitive with 100% guaranteed satisfaction to getting not only the best tuition for your money, but enjoying it too. A CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) with bike hire is £190 or just £170 on your own bike. A DAS (Direct Access) lesson is just £140 with bike hire or £130 on your own bike per/3 hr session. A DAS (Direct Access) lesson on a 125cc is just £130 with bike hire or £120 on your own bike per/3 hr session. Full license courses are also available for DAS (Direct Access)

3 Day

4 Day

5 Day


Compulsory basic training (CBT) was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the very high accident rate among inexperienced motorcyclists. CBT must be completed before a learner moped or motorcycle rider is allowed to ride unaccompanied on the road with L-plates or D-plates in Wales.

You will need to complete CBT if:

you want to ride a moped (a moped has an engine not over 50 cc with maximum design speed not exceeding 50 kilometres per hour (km/h) which is approximately 31 miles per hour) you want to ride a motorcycle If you obtained your car licence before 1 February 2001 you do not need to complete a CBT to ride a moped.

What does CBT involve?

The CBT course involves five elements: A. introduction B. practical on-site training C. practical on-site riding D. practical on-road training E. practical on-road riding The five elements have to be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the element can be varied. You will only move on to the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe basic level. Trainees must, by law, receive a minimum two hour on-road ride in Element E.

Certificate of completion (DL 196)

When all five elements have been satisfactorily completed, a certificate of completion, called the DL196, is issued. This is a legal document which validates the relevant entitlements on your driving licence. It is important that the holder of a DL196 considers the following points: a DL196 certificate validating a provisional moped or provisional motorcycle entitlement lasts for two years – CBT will have to be retaken if both theory and practical tests are not passed within the two year certificate life for moped entitlement only, if you pass your car driving test whilst your DL196 is still current or complete a CBT course and obtain a DL196 after passing your car test, the certificate is not subject to expiry, you will therefore need to keep your DL196 certificate safely. Please note that this applies to mopeds only, for riding motorcycles as a learner the DL196 remains valid for two years Once you have your certificate you are advised to take additional training to pass your theory and practical tests and qualify for a motorcycle or moped licence. You must take the DL196 certificate with you when you go to your practical test.

Where and how much?

Only instructors certified by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) can teach CBT at an approved training body (ATB). ATBs must have instructors who have successfully completed a two day assessment and have sites approved by DSA for off-road training. We offer the loan of machines and helmets for the course. The cost of CBT may be incorporated into the cost of a full training course that leads to a motorcycle test.


You will need to complete a theory and hazard perception test before your actual riding tests can be taken. We can book this and advise you on revision and supply you with the material needed to pass , " Fail to prepare , prepare to fail" is very much apt to this part of your course.


Once you have your CBT Certificate further training is essential before you attempt your motorcycle tests. If you are engaged in the Direct Access motorcycle training Scheme (DAS) you will carry out your road training on a larger machine of 500cc. At Bikesmart, we conduct this training on a maximum of two-to-one ratio, concentrating on teaching you to cope with everyday road and traffic conditions as well as preparing you to pass the riding test. You will need to have passed the Motorcycle Theory Test before taking the practical tests. The practical test is now conducted in two modules:   Module 1: The test is carried out on a DSA approved test site providing safe tarmac riding conditions with no other traffic in the vicinity.  For this module you will need to show proficiency in various elements, i.e. Slow riding, the U turn, figure of eight and swerve and avoid procedure and emergency stop.  You will be fully trained on our training site for this before taking the test. You will be accompanied to the test centre by a qualified trainer who will also use this road riding to improve your road riding expertise in preparation for the module 2 test. Module 2: This is more or less the same as the old style motorcycle test and consists of a road ride covering various road and traffic conditions of a duration of about 35 to 40 mins with the DSA examiner following. The U turn and emergency stop has now been removed from this test but you will have to demonstrate a competent hill start, pull in and away from the kerb, and demonstrate a free ride of about 10 minutes where the examiner will direct you to follow the signs to a particular destination and will then follow without giving any further directions. You are permitted to make up to 10 non serious rider faults but no serious or dangerous faults on the test. During your DAS training your trainer will continually keep you updated on your progress and you will practice all the obove test routines.   At Bikesmart we carry out this training in the town or city where the test will be conducted so you will be familiar with the road layout and any hazards which you may encounter during your test.   While being trained on the road you will be in radio contact with your instructor and advised constantly of your progress. When ready you will be briefed fully as to what to expect on both modules, and be accompanied to the test centre when the big day arrives


After passing your test we here at Bikesmart are ready to progress your new skill with some of our expert advanced lessons. We can prepare you for all of the of the advanced tests D.S.A, I.A.M , R.o.S.P.A  D.I.A  etc. Some of which have Insurance benefits . Or it could be that you have had your license some time and wish to further your skills. We have the qualifications expertise and experience to extract the best from you.


For the rider going Back to Biking after a long break. The training can be conducted on smaller machines to start with, Giving the rider confidence before moving on to the more advanced techniques. These Back to Biking courses are tailored to the individual requirements of the customer and therefore a phone call to discuss your specific level of riding and your objectives is highly recommended.


How Much experience do I need?
None at all, we can cater to all levels of knowledge by imparting our wisdom and technical skills with you. We have over 30 years of experience teaching generations of bikers.

Do I need my own Motorcycle?
No we can include the hire of a suitable bike.

How much will a CBT cost?
A CBT will cost £190 including bike and kit hire or £170 using your own bike. A £40 deposit is required to reserve a slot which can be paid via PayPal, cash or BACS.

How much will a DAS lesson cost?
DAS lessons are £140 with bike hire or £130 on your own bike per 3hr session. DAS lessons on 125cc are £130 with bike hire or £120 on your own bike per 3hr session.

When are you open?
We are open 7 days a week on a first come first served basis.

How quickly can I pass my test?
Again this depends on your level of commitment.

Can I do a block course?
Yes this option is available, we also work on an hourly basis.